Coulee Community Hospital is a non-profit healthcare facility providing high quality cost effective service to its patrons. Established as a “community hospital”, patients receive a wide range of services while experiencing personalized service from a caring, supportive staff and the comfort of being near family and friends. An excellent network of visiting professionals and referral services enables the hospital to provide a broad spectrum of comprehensive care. With a staff of highly trained healthcare professionals and technical personnel, Coulee Community Hospital offers a high level of community care, attending to the personal, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community.

The main hospital structure houses 19 acute-care beds, and a 29-bed nursing home. Coulee Community Hospital also owns and operates the Coulee Family Medicine Clinic located adjacent to the main facility, and the St. Rita’s Adult Family Home located in Coulee Dam across from City Hall. In addition, the hospital owns and operates Coulee City Medical Clinic in Coulee City Washington.

Long Term Care {Back To Top}
Located in a wing of the main hospital, the nursing home has 29 beds and is usually at capacity. A large airy activity/dining room and fenced patio and garden are available to all residents and their families and offers an ideal location for many activities. The nursing home offers a full range of services that are either unique to, or shared by the main hospital facility. An activities director sees that residents enjoy daily scheduled social activities and coordinates special entertainment and service projects by community members. Speech, occupational, physical and mental health therapy are all available through visiting specialists who either personally perform the therapy or design programs that are implemented by nursing home staff. Formal “Care Conferences” for residents and family members allows families to ask questions and give input to specific care needs. Being located in the hospital complex gives the nursing home the advantage of having quality emergency assistance available close at hand, a uniqueness not all facilities can match.

Coulee Community Hospital owns and operates a prosperous, self sufficient primary care clinic located adjacent to the hospital. The facility is comprised of 6 physician offices, 16 exam rooms and a well-equipped minor treatment room that can handle small emergencies. Open six days a week, the clinic boasts over 18,000 patient visits per year and accommodates scheduled appointments as well as walk-in visits. The clinic staff also travels to various local schools to provide sport physicals and weight checks. In addition, staff participate in the “Pre-kindergarten Health Screening Day” offered by the schools for children who will be entering the school system the following year. Staffed by a complimentary blend of skilled professionals, this unit provides a full range of primary care services to the community, as well as special services such as chemo and other drug therapy.

It is the mission of Coulee Community Hospital, Nursing Home and the Coulee Family Medicine Clinic to provide the highest quality healthcare possible in a rural community, cost effectively, with each patient being treated in a courteous and respectful manner. The healthcare needs of the community will be met in this rapidly changing field of medicine, by carefully assessing services needed, recruiting highly competent physicians and support professionals, and cooperating with area health agencies, provider, visiting specialists and regional hospitals. Through both internal efforts ad cooperative efforts with outside agencies, strategies will be carefully developed and revised as needed which will promote strong patient/ physician relationships in a cost effective manner.

HISTORY  {Back To Top}

The history of Coulee Community Hospital parallels that of the Grand Coulee Dam. Born in the early 1930’s during the Great Depression, the hospital knew difficult times and adversity.

The original area hospital was Mason City Hospital, located on a hill overlooking Grand Coulee Dam in what is now East Coulee Dam. Built in 1934, the two-story wood frame building consisted of 75 beds and accommodated the emergency health needs of workers on the dam and their families. Early records from a Bureau of Reclamation safety publication noted that in 1938, the hospital was renovated by Kaiser Permanente. This pioneering HMO helped staff the facility and offered affordable healthcare coverage to its customers. Records also noted that personnel numbered 51 and medical staff consisted of 8 physicians and surgeons to accommodate the many medical needs. For one six month period, the out-patient clinic alone provided 21,274 treatments, an average of 3,554 per month, , and more than secured its place as a vital necessity in the community. Scores of families still in the area today can point back to the many benefits the emergency and non-emergency services provided.

In 1960, hospital directors voted to relocate the Mason City Hospital and build a new facility in the city of Grand Coulee. The new hospital was given a new identity, Coulee Community Hospital, to encompass the area of service. Coulee Community Hospital was privately owned during part of its history and due to financial difficulties, was closed for short periods. the last closure was in 1973 and almost ceased operations again in 1990 due to a shortage of physicians.

When area citizens voted their support by forming Douglas, Grant, Lincoln, Okananogan Counties Public Hospital District #6 in 1990, Coulee Community Hospital became publicly owned. The public taxing district and the monies it collects provide the hospital with a stable monetary base for operations. A board of five Commissioners assure the public that an appropriate standard of care is maintained and provide for sound administrations and budgets.

Since the formation of the tax district, hospital utilization has more than doubled and Coulee Community Hospital is now on sound financial footing. The Long Term Care Facility (Nursing Home) now operates at capacity and the hospital owned Physicians Clinic, known as the Coulee Family Medicine Clinic, now boasts over 18,000 patient visits per year. With the help of the tax district, volunteer organizations such as the Coulee Medical Foundation and the Hospital Auxiliary, and community support, Coulee Community Hospital has and will continue to touch the lives of those in need.


Diagnostic Services

Radiology {Back To Top}
A visiting radiologist and in-house registered technicians use complex imaging equipment to assist physicians in diagnosing and treating patients. Close proximity to the clinic offers customers convenience when radiology procedures are recommended. An on-site, visiting Radiologist reviews all x-rays and the results are referred back to the attending physician, who shares them with the patient. Diagnostic imaging capabilities include general radiology, fluoroscopy, mammography, ultra-sound and CT scan.

Laboratory {Back To Top}
Staffed by three Medical Technologists (MT’s) and one Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), who provide 24 hour on-call service, the clinical laboratory aids physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases. Most laboratory testing is at CCH; however, tests not available locally, are sent for analysis to Pathology Associates Medical Laboratories (PAML) of Spokane. Access to a computer network and courier pick-up service, provided by PAML, delivers patient test results within 24 hours, six days a week. Completed test results are then sent to the attending physician for interpretation. The CCH Laboratory maintains a high level of competency by participating in proficiency testing programs of the College of American Pathologists and “American Association of Bio-analysts. As a result, the lab has had excellent state survey results for several years and has shown high score nationally in “variance of test result” checks.

Medical / Surgical Services {Back To Top}

Inpatient {Back To Top}
With a wide range of sophisticated technology available, the highly skilled surgical team at CCH is able to provide a variety of medical needs for internal, pediatric, OB Gyn., family and adult medicine. The surgical suite is well equipped with up-to-date laproscopic (abdominal) and arthroscopic (joint) diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. Endoscopy, colonoscopy, upper and lower G.I. and EGD’s round out the scope of diagnostic procedures performed. A new recovery room has been added to facilitate improved patient care following surgery.

Outpatient {Back To Top}
Same day/outpatient service for patients whose surgical or medical needs do not require overnight hospitalization is available at CCH. Procedures such as respiratory therapy, EKG testing, IV therapy, minor and laproscopic surgeries, and other diagnostic services can be performed. Local residents utilizing CCH services have the comfort of knowing that if complications arise after discharge, help is close and conveniently at hand.

Emergency Services {Back To Top}

The emergency department is staffed by certified nurses trained in Advance Cardiac Life Support, Neonatal Resuscitation, Trauma Nurse Certification course, Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course or Pediatric Advanced Life Support, and other training specific to emergency room duty. Coupled with on-call physicians, the emergency department provides 24 hour coverage, seven days a week. A wide range of illnesses and injuries can be treated in two well equipped treatment rooms. This department features a separate entrance to facilitate prompt, effective service. Ambulance service is provided by the cities of Grand Coulee, Coulee Dam, Coulee City, Wilbur, and the Colville Confederated Tribes. Volunteer, well trained, certified EMT’s (Emergency Medical Technicians) respond quickly to all emergency calls. An on site, lighted helipad for airlift transport to Spokane is available as well.

Obstetric Services {Back To Top}

The CCH Obstetric program is a family oriented, safe and personalized childbirth service. Two comfortable birthing rooms allow for more relaxed deliveries and a more pleasant birth experience. The program is overseen by Dr. Andrew Castrodale, who is a family practice physician with a Fellowship in High Risk Obstetrics. CCH’s program also includes a Certified Nurse Midwife who has graduated from an advanced accredited American College of Nurse-Midwives education program, passed a national certification examination and has followed strict requirements set by State Health Agencies. Our providers are available to evaluate pregnancies for varying degrees of risk factors and are able to decide on appropriate programs or referrals. The Obstetric Program at CCH also offers a very personalized follow-up care experience for the baby and mother, with the added convenience of a service close to home.

Well Woman Services {Back To Top}

Set up specifically for women, this service offers safe, personalized healthcare by a Physician, a Nurse-Midwife, and a Certified Nurse Practitioner, with special skills and understanding of the unique physical, social and spiritual needs of women. Permenopausel counseling and therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and regular gynecological care such as annual pelvic and breast examinations, and Pap smears are just some particulars offered. Women can be diagnosed and treated for certain gynecological problems, diseases, menstrual irregularities and other health issues specific to their gender. The Well Woman program also provides for family planning consultations and alternatives.

Patient Account Services {Back To Top}

Often times the most confusing aspect of the healthcare system can be the billing and payment process for services rendered. The Business Office at Coulee Community Hospital is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable personnel. They will assist the customer in understanding their bill or insurance coverage, and establish payment plans if necessary. Services can be rendered by phone or customers can stop in and speak with a staff person directly.

Referral and Specialty Services {Back To Top}

Visiting specialists make services available that otherwise would be inaccessible to many patients. Specialists in the following fields regularly schedule patient visits at the Coulee Family Medicine Clinic:

Orthopedic Surgery: Edward VanTassel, D.O.
James Lamberton, D.O.
D. Scott Redman, M.D.

Cardiology: Dennis Cooke, M.D.
Andrew Boulet, M.D.

Podiatry: Daren Vernon, D.P.M.

Radiology: Tad Davis, M.D.

By providing these services locally, patients requiring highly specialized care in these areas, save the time and expense of traveling out of town.

While not all service requirements may be provided locally, the Coulee Family medicine Clinic and Coulee Community Hospital have excellent referral networks with linkage and access to urban medical centers and specialists. Most commonly used are sacred Heart and Deaconess Medical Centers. Local physicians and other medical professionals can help patients determine options that provide proper medical treatment, with a minimum of stress and risk, and refer them appropriately.

Support Services {Back To Top}

Coulee Community Hospital Auxiliary:
Auxilians unselfishly give of their time and talents to Coulee Community Hospital. The volunteers in this organization provide social functions, hair care expertise and other activities and services for nursing home residents. They also manage the gift case in the hospital lobby, and, through this and other fund raising activities and public donations, provide the hospital with equipment and other special needs. In addition to the hours of service and the donations of funds provided by the Auxiliary, they also act as goodwill ambassadors on behalf of Coulee Community Hospital.

Coulee Medical Foundation: {Back To Top}
The Coulee Medical Foundation is a philanthropic, charitable organization, which solicits, receives and manages gifts of money and property in support of Coulee Community Hospital and community education programs. The foundation seeks to involve, as members, as many citizens as possible throughout the community. Members participate in all forms of philanthropic activities and act as health care ambassadors, making the community more aware of hospital services. The Coulee medical Foundation plays a key role in the health and wellness of our community.

Chaplaincy:  {Back To Top}
Pastors from many religious affiliations in the community offer 24 hour on call service to Coulee Community Hospital. The primary mission for the chaplaincy program is to provide and to be a focal point for activities among patients and their families to strengthen their faith, confidence and ability to cope with the spiritual challenges that accompany their illness, disability, or grief. Ministering in accordance with the nature of each situation, the chaplain’s symbolic role as a minister serves as a meaningful resource to those in need.

Community Education: {Back To Top}
Because Coulee Community Hospital believes in its role as community educator and service provider in the area of health and wellness, a varied assortment of free or low cost programs and services are offered to community members of all ages. CPR, First Aid, Safe Sitter, Childbirth, and Baby Care classes are all offered regularly. Classes sponsored by Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and other wellness workshops are also scheduled from time to time. As a service to the community, CCH sponsors free blood pressure checks at the Coulee Family medicine Clinic, and laboratory diagnostic health screening as well as flu immunization clinics, both at reduced rates. A wealth of pamphlets and other healthy resources are available in the hospital lobby and at the clinic. Coulee Community Hospital Speakers Bureau provides health topics for schools, businesses and community groups.